Sports Development


This section provides a variety of information about Denbighshire’s Sports Development Team and how it operates.

The Denbighshire’s Sports Development team will take the lead initiative, working with key partners, to achieve the County's 'vision for Sport' and Service business plan.

Our Sports Development Team pride ourselves on hard work and innovation in delivering a 'menu of opportunities' for residents within Denbighshire. This year we have further developed the programme to include a Healthier Active Lifestyles development plan providing Denbighshire's residents the opportunity of a healthier lifestyle through physical activity. This includes activities such as Walk Fit, Jog Fit and Cycle fit which has already made a tremendous impact in the County.

Through our aims and objectives, the Sports Development team, continues to cater for all sporting needs regardless of whether you are a beginner, or accomplished athlete, potential coach or volunteer. We aim to strive for improvement on a continual basis and welcome any suggestions, ideas or comments on the level of service we offer.

Our Vision

Our Aims


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