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Our vision is to celebrate Leisure in Denbighshire by providing an inclusive Sport and Recreation service that creates more healthy prosperous communities and a service which plays a fundamental role in the enrichment of people’s lives. We aim to provide a wide range of experiences that encourage participation, interaction and personal achievement.
Leisure is fully committed to increasing levels of physical activity by regularly consulting and engaging locally with our communities and by working with and through others, to create an environment that supports and provides an opportunity for safe healthy activities.
Over the next three years, Leisure in Denbighshire will focus on key measurable targets which contribute to achieving the national strategic targets set within the Climbing Higher agenda, whilst still taking account of our core values of motivation, raising attainment, improving health, building relationships and confidence, encouraging creativity, and encouraging participation.
This is an opportunity for you to see what’s on offer in terms of sport, recreational and leisure opportunities in Denbighshire.  We have a dedicated team of professional staff working together to provide the best sport and leisure services possible and I encourage you to find out what's going on by checking out all areas of our website.  I hope you will be able to find an activity that suits you and that you will be able to take part in some way. I hope you enjoy our website and if you have any enquiries or feedback please fill in the general enquiry form by clicking on ‘contact us’.


What we do:

The Leisure Services department is responsible for the management of a range of indoor and outdoor leisure facilities and takes the lead with key partners to achieve the County’s ‘vision for sport, recreation and healthier active lifestyles’. This is fundamental in improving the health and well being of people within Denbighshire, by providing residents with the opportunity to participate, prosper and achieve. Our service provides opportunities for residents of Denbighshire including the development of sport and recreation within leisure centres, schools, community buildings, clubs and various organisations. The services philosophy is to ensure that all children and young people, adults and other key groups, such as Women & Girls, Disability groups and Disaffected groups, have the opportunity to participate in sustainable high quality sporting and recreational activities whatever their ability or circumstance.


Leisure Services – Sports Development

Our Service provides good quality sport and recreational opportunities and facilities to enhance local quality of life, improve health and well being; contribute to local economic regeneration, and to develop sporting excellence. 


Leisure Services – Leisure Centres

Our Service facilities’ include 7 high quality Leisure Centres and 1 Community Leisure Centre, 5 Community Town and Village Halls that provide access to leisure opportunities for the local community. In addition our service provides 5 County Fitness centres including high quality gym equipment.


Specific Sports development Programme

We aim to increase participation through school sports initiatives (Curricular and Extra Curricular), quality coaching, player support and development, club development, performance and excellence.


Welsh Assembly Government Free Swimming Initiatives (under 16’s and 60+)

We provide quality instructed Swim Programme and casual Free Swimming throughout the year.


Disability Sports Programme

Our Service facilitates a broad range of sporting and physical opportunities which reflect and meet the needs of the range of impairments and abilities. 


Community Sports Development

We provide sport as a vehicle for improving healthier lifestyles, social inclusion, educational development, environmental development, economic regeneration and community safety.


Education & Training

We provide Coach education, coach and volunteer development, mentoring support system, volunteer recruitment and retention programme.


Physical Activity - HSCWB Strategy

We work in partnership with the Health, Social and Care Well being Unit to develop the physical activity elements of the HSCWB strategy.


Physical Activity – Children & Young People’s Partnership Plan

We work with the Children & Young People's Partnership supporting the 7 core aims of the Children and Young People's Plan, from 0-10 and 11-25.


Active Young People’s Programme – Dragon Sport Physical activity for Primary school children

We work in partnership with primary schools to develop and deliver the non curricular physical activity programme in line with the Welsh Assembly Government’s Climbing Higher Strategy and key targets of participation for 7-11 year olds.


Active Young People’s Programme – 5x60 Physical activity for Secondary school children

Our service aims increase the number of children participating in extra curricular physical activity, following the Welsh Assembly Government targets of developing 5x60 minutes of physical activity per week.


Exercise Referral scheme

Our Service provides an exercise programme for Health Professionals to refer clients with physical and mental health conditions for physical activity.  This includes Level 4 Conditions, Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Falls Rehabilitation programme.


Jamie Groves
Head of Communication, Marketing and Leisure


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